Hopper Wheel Construction

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What kind of castors should I buy?

Hopper Wheel Construction

Are you considering the purchase of optional castors or wheels for your hopper? Depending on your needs, consider the following wheel construction types:

1. Nylon. A wheel type that does have its advantages, but can be noisy on some surfaces, and does not handle obstacles well in many cases.

2. Elastic tires. These are less noisy, but not designed for heavy loads. Elastic tires can flatten under heavy loads. They won't become immobile, but the "rolling resistance" is increased. It's best to use these for light duty hopper loads.

3. Polyurethane tires are better for heavy loads and can handle some obstacles better.

There are other options available including pressed steel and fabricated steel. If you aren't sure which option is right for you, describe your intended use of a hopper to your vendor and ask what others with similar needs wound up purchasing.



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