Material Handling Frequently Asked Questions

What are the "moving and positioning" categories of Material Handling Equipment?

What kind of Material Handling Equipment is used to bind material for transport and delivery?

What are the last two MHE categories and what are their functions?

What should I keep in mind when searching for a material handling solution?

What is the advantage of spending money on 'single-operator' material handling equipment? Isn't muscle power good enough in this area?

I am looking at changing vendors. What can I look for that may give me some insight on the quality of a bulk material handling equipment company?

Do I really need to inspect my material handling equipment supply?

What about ergonomics?

Why does my shop need dock barricades?

What information should I include when ordering dock door seals?

What are the benefits of dock bumpers?

Do I need to measure my work area before ordering a dock leveler?

Do I really need signal lights in my dock area?

Define 'stump out"

What is the benefit of dock truck restraints?

Should I choose stationary or portable drum dumping equipment?

What steps are often overlooked when considering models in a drum handling equipment purchase?

Why bother buying little 'luxury tools" for my shop?

I'm thinking of a new drum storage solution. What are some important questions to ask myself before the buy?

I'm currently using only manual drum carrier solutions, but I'm thinking of the future. What's out there for me?

What will a new purchase of drum equipment include in terms of planning?

What safety concerns should I have with the purchase of new drum equipment?

I'm considering a gantry crane and I am curious about their features.

Can I get financing direct from the material handling equipment company?

Do I need to perform any OSHA-required inspections of my new jib crane?

Will I need a pad to install a floor mounted jib?

Can a gantry crane load be too light?

Is it possible to abuse gantry crane equipment? It's rated at 2000lbs!

What about safety stickers?

My crane has arrived and been assembled. Can it go into use right away?

What are some safety concerns with portable cranes on wheels?

What are some of the possible uses of guard rails besides simply marking off where the road ends and the ditch begins?

How can I use structural guard rails indoors?

What's a rack guard?

Can I use different kinds of guard railing interchangeably in my shop?

What should I do about my high traffic areas outside the warehouse or office?

Are all safety guard rails created equal in the eyes of OSHA?

Can I use a crowd control barrier as a more inexpensive solution to safety guard rails?

Self-dumping hoppers and forklifts--what should I know?

What are trailer-mounted hoppers?

Are there any hidden hazards related to using hoppers to dump material?

What is a portable steel hopper good for? What if I have rough ground to push it over?

Are leak proof containers superior to hoppers not advertised with this feature?

What should I know about hydraulic box dumpers with regard to my industrial hoppers?

What is the low profile hopper?

Is my new hydraulic box dumper a stand-alone unit or does it need any kind of bolting or securing to the floor?

What safety issues should I be watching out for with my new hydraulic box dumper?

Can I use brake fluid or oil in my box dumper?

What tools and accessories will I need to install my box dumper?

What should I be looking for during an inspection of my new box dumper?

Should I shrink-wrap and prepack on site? What's the advantage of buying my supplies in bulk?

What is a parts scale?

Can shrink wrapping add any protection for my shipments?

I use palletized cargo frequently--should I invest in a stretch wrap machine?

What kinds of miscellaneous purchases should I consider for my shipping operation?

What is a 'spill pallet"?

What should I consider what purchasing plastic pallets?

Is there a "deluxe model" type pallet truck?

Is there a pallet truck designed to lift a pallet from any side?

What is the advantage of having a built-in scale on my pallet truck?

Do I REALLY need a pallet inverter?

Who should consider the purchase of a pallet inverter?

What safety factors should I keep in mind?

What is a pallet server?

Is there a portable lift specifically for plastic containers or pallets?

Can I find a portable electric lift in a fully manual version?

I need a solution for ground-level boxes so my workers don't have to stoop to transport them. Help!

What are some training issues for portable material lifts?

What is the most preventable forklift injury?

Can a fiberglass ramp improve workplace safety?

Are there situations where a loading ramp is inappropriate?

Can I use a fiberglass ramp to load a vehicle into a truck?

My trucks are lower than the dock. Help!

What should I remember about using ramps for loading and unloading vehicles?

Aluminum or fiberglass? Which to buy?

Can I rent a yard ramp as opposed to purchasing one outright?

What are some of the features of a yard ramp rental contract?

Can I use motorized equipment on a mobile yard ramp?

Do accessories come with a portable yard ramp rental?

What kinds of things should I consider purchasing for use when I transport a portable yard ramp?

What should I know about portable steel yard ramps?

Can I save money on safety products?

What about safety signs?

How can I safeguard my work area from heavy traffic and potential collisions with columns and pipes?

How can I use bollards to protect people as well as the structure?

What is a machine guard?

How can a steel guard protect personnel?

Are all steel guards designed to withstand impact?

What should I know about scissor lift safety?

How can tilt and lift tables cut down injuries in the workplace?

Barricades around my portable lift and tilt table--a good idea?

Can I modify my lift table?

Do I really need to explain the use of the tilt table anchor chain? Isn't it obvious?

Who needs training on trailer jack stand use and related loading/unloading issues?

What about capacities for the jack stand?

When would I need a rubber or aluminum chock?

What's the advantage of rubber chocks?

Why use wheel chocks on stationary equipment?

How can I keep heat from leaking out of my dock area in the winter?

How can I secure trailers in my dock area?

How can I prevent collisions in my dock area between motor vehicles and walls/fixtures?

How can I save time with portable ramps?

How can a traffic light system increase safety in the dock area?

How Much Drum Handling Power Is Right For Me?

What is a counterbalanced drum transport?

What is "half-full" capacity?

Are there special considerations for empty drum transport?

Does "spark resistant" equal "explosion proof"?

How can I contain spills in the warehouse and protect drains from oils and solvents?

Do spill dykes have a shelf life?

Do I need custom fabrication for my material handling needs?

What kind of reference materials can I find to help me plan a more efficient material handling operation?

When should I expand, renovate, or relocate my material handling operation?

How can I better control summer heat problems in my material handling operation?

Am I covered for earthquake damage from falling equipment and materials?

What are some safety issues connected to conveyors in my material handling operation?

Where can I shop to save money on miscellaneous material handling purchases?

Should I try to save money with refurb forklifts?

What can I do to help my bilingual employees who work near gantry cranes and other hazardous areas?

How can I increase my safety factor in connection to new gantry crane operators?

What kind of motorized options do I have with a new gantry crane?

What can void my gantry crane warranty?

What should I look for in a gantry crane repair company?

Should I buy an extended warranty for my jack stands?

When am I required to use wheel chocks

What are the safety issues with jack stands?

How can I insure compliance with OSHA wheel chock regulations during loading and unloading of trucks and trailers?

How can I best utilize wheel chocks?

What is the primary cause of electrical mishap connected to scissor lifts and other elevated work platforms?

How can a dock lift help my current operation?

What are the OSHA requirements for safety training on lifts?

What lift capacity issues should I be concerned with besides weight and height of extension?

What is a custom lift?

What is a "self-diagnostic" lift?

What can I do to improve risk management with my lifts?

What is a "rough terrain" lift?

What are narrow slab lifts?

Should I purchase a used lift?

Do I need custom mailing containers?

How can I reuse the plastic from palletized loads and other matieral?

My operation is moving, and I need supplies. Help!

What are those numbers on the bottom flaps of my shipping boxes?

What is a "double-wall" shipping box?

Can I get my company logo printed on my shipping boxes?

Should I use tamper seals on my shipments?

What is "mark-over" spray?

What is a "drop-n-tell" indicator?

What Should I Do About International Shipping?

What should I do about pallet disposal problems?

How can I reduce pallet waste?

Why standardize my pallet loads?

What are the rules for pallets shipped overseas?

When should I consider a paper pallet?

What should I do to help my employees who speak english as a second language?

What can I do to increase traction on my work floor?

What should I buy in addition to a spill containment kit?

How can I increase safety for my workers who need to lift items from shelves and other elevated storage?

OSHA requires safety features to be installed on gear similar to mine, but I'm not sure the rules apply to my equipment. Help!

What is a fire blanket?

What is a truck seal?

Should I invest in portable strobes as a safety device?

Why are warning lights a good idea?

What is a portable wash station?

What should I look for when inspecting my hydraulic box dumper

I overloaded my hydraulic box dumper and now it won't lift. Help!

Are there other uses for box dumpers besides trash, building materials, and other items?

Can I use a manual box dumper to transport debris?

What options do I have for modifying my box dumper?

Do guard rails near lifts pose a pinch hazard?

Chains or Rails?

Do I need a guard rail in my construction project?

When do I need a heavy duty rail?

How should I anchor my new guard rail?

What is "FDA construction"?

What are construction grade hoppers?

How can I increase the safety margin of a construction grade hopper load dump?

What should I consider when buying hopper castors?

What kind of castors should I buy?

What is "dusting"?

What is an aluminum light load lift?

How can I find better deals on portable lift products?

What should I ask when buying a discontinued portable product lift?

What are the base configurations for portable product lift trucks?

What is a portable carpet dolly?

What is a Hefti-Lift?

What is a hydra cart?

Should I buy a yard ramp or build a concrete ramp?

Should I rent or buy a yard ramp?

Are the yard ramp wheels rated for loads?

What are load binders and overload bypass?

What kinds of yard ramp accessories are available?

What are "instant" ramps?

What is a walkboard ramp?

Can I buy a ramp that stands alone, without attaching to the truck?

Why aren't the ramp prices listed?

What is a protector ramp?

Why should I invest in non-slip surfaces for my ramps?

What can I do to increase my ramp safety margin?

How can I use a portable drum dumper?

What is pallet equipment for?

What is the use of a pallet truck?

How do I use a bollard?

What is a hydraulic box dumper?

How can I use a hopper?

Why is packaging equipment important?

What kind of safety products are available?

How can I use tilt and lift tables?

How are traffic dock lights used?

How do you use a wheel riser ramp?

What is a trailer jack stand?

Why are truck restraints useful?

How are wheel chocks used?

How does a security bollard make a doorway safe?

What is a bollard cover?

Where can I find bollard manufacturers?

How can I improve my current dock levelers?

What kind of dock levelers does Rite Hite have?

How do I choose a dock door seal?

What types of loading dock bumpers are there?

Why use dock lights?

What should I consider when choosing a drum dumper?

What are some other drum handling equipment on the market?

Why use a hydraulic portable drum dumper?

What is a drum positioner?

How should I care for my hydraulic drum dumper?

What are some other tools I will need with my gantry crane?

Why use an aluminum gantry crane?

What safety measures should I take when operating a steel gantry crane?

Where can I look for used gantry cranes?

What is a pallet?

What types of carts are on the market for me to transfer my bulky materials?

Why should I buy ergonomic material handling equipment?

Where can I find material handling equipment companies?

What are some OSHA regulations regarding hoppers?

Why use a stackable industrial hopper?

How much will an industrial hopper cost?

What are some specialty self dumping hoppers on the market?

Why is loading dock ramp design so important?

What are some OSHA regulations for loading docks in the longshoring industry?

What are some loading dock ramp designs on the market?

What do steel wheel riser ramps do?

What should the maximum loading dock ramp slope be for basic loading docks?

How do I bleed the air out of my hydraulic box dumper?

How much will a hydraulic box dumper cost?

How can I cut down on box dumper noise?

How can I make sure I'm best informed when buying a hydraulic box dumper online?

Why use a crowd control barrier?

How can I make sure my workplace is safe from chemical exposure?

What are some safety products designed for hazardous sites?

What are some examples of safety signs?

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