What to Remember When Ordering Dock Door Seals

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What information should I include when ordering dock door seals?

What to Remember When Ordering Dock Door Seals

BeaconTechnology.com Tip: Dock door seals are an excellent way to control heat loss, theft and also insects and other pests. When you are ready to place your dock door seals order, be sure you know the number of units you'd like to protect, but also some crucial information such as your dock bumper projection, the width and height of the door, the amount of incline or decline on the approach to the door and the level degree.

You should also measure the distance from the horizontal dock pad to the ground, and the clearance for both the sides and the top of the door for mounting purposes. These are all vital stats of your dock door seals. You may also be asked to specify what type of dock pads and mounts you are using.



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