Dock Levelers--Measurements Required!

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Do I need to measure my work area before ordering a dock leveler?

Dock Levelers--Measurements Required!

The dock levelers model you order will depend on the kind of application you'll be using it for.

* The dock levelers - known as railroad dockboards - are used for dock-to-railroad car service.

* If you are loading tractor trailers from a loading dock, chances are you'll need an edge of dock leveler or a traditional pit dock dock leveler to get the job done.

Whatever model you choose, you'll need to do some additional research as many of these models have subcategories, and many of them have manual models as well as hydraulic dock levelers versions.

As usual, you will need to take your operation's dock dimensions and space restrictions into account when making your order. For the larger models you'll also need to insure you have the clearance for the fully extended configuration of the dock leveler.



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