Better Visibility Equals Good Risk Management

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Do I really need signal lights in my dock area?

Better Visibility Equals Good Risk Management

Dock lights--both the traffic signal dock light signal and the loading dock spot light --are an important part of good operational risk management. Sometimes the "red means stop" light is the only signal a driver may recognize if a hazardous situation arises where a truck should not depart from the loading dock or proceed into the loading dock area.

Dock lights are another one of those measures that can reduce the need for a lawyer by preventing mishaps caused by a simple lack of communication. It's a bad idea to leave all the work up to the spotter's hand signals.

"Green for GO and Red for STOP" signals do prevent mishaps--it's the reason why military airfields employ them on busy runways--in addition to the radio relay, the signal light provides an extra layer of security. Dock lights for illumination work in their own way for risk reduction--the better the visibility in your loading area, the easier time your drivers have maneuvering into position. You can't be sued for bad visibility with a functioning and properly installed array of dock lights.



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