What Dock Levelers Should Be Equipped With

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Define 'stump out"

What Dock Levelers Should Be Equipped With

BeaconTechnology.com Tip: More than sixty percent of all trucking industry vehicles are equipped with "air ride" suspensions, which can cause 'stump out' during dock procedures. Stump out occurs when the air ride suspension causes the truck to lower (between three to eight inches) with the lip of the dock leveler lowering with it. This can potentially cause damage, and the steep angle of the lip can create a hazard.

When purchasing your next hydraulic dock levelers, be sure to ask whether the leveler is equipped with anti-stump out sensors that can eliminate the phenomenon or minimize the risks associated with stump out. There are models today that have sensors and a measure of 'free-fall protection" that can make a big difference in loading operations with a commercial vehicle.



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