The Many Varieties of Drum Handling Equipment

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Should I choose stationary or portable drum dumping equipment?

The Many Varieties of Drum Handling Equipment Tip: There is a wide variety of drum handling equipment, all designed to ergonomically handle the work connected to drums such as transport, crushing, rotating and other duties. The size and volume of your work may play a large part in deciding what kinds of drum handling equipment is right for you.

There are portable and stationary versions of drum dumpers; if your work requires dumping of drums under 1,500 pounds, the portable model may be a good fit in your work area. That said, the price differences between portable and stationary models can be substantial, so it's important to choose the right drum handling equipment for the job. This is one instance where, in a larger operation, you may need to ask those doing the job for their input to make a good decision.



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