Drum Transport--Manual or Hydraulic?

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I'm currently using only manual drum carrier solutions, but I'm thinking of the future. What's out there for me?

Drum Transport--Manual or Hydraulic?

Manual drum carriers are less expensive than their hydraulic counterparts. If your shop only requires "over-the-ground" drum transport in small volumes, you will probably be safe using the inexpensive manual version.

A hydraulic drum carrier comes with features that are not always available in a manual version--the drum carrier/rotator model is a good example. This equipment still requires only a single operator and uses a foot pump, and can be a major help for jobs beyond 'casual use' quick trips across a dock or service area.

The hydraulic drum carrier requires the drum be strapped in, but the ease of operation and "one-man" nature of the work makes this piece of equipment a valuable part of a busy work area's productivity. This equipment often comes with a modification to handle smaller drum sizes, adding to the versatility of the machine. As always, if you aren't sure whether this equipment is necessary, take a poll of your most trusted on-site people.

You may not need the gear today, but if your company is about to outgrow its current operation, you'll want to schedule purchases like these into your upcoming budgets.



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