"Workarounds" That Don't Work

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Is it possible to abuse gantry crane equipment? It's rated at 2000lbs!

"Workarounds" That Don't Work

Gantry cranes have their uses, but also their abuses, too. The most common cause of damage to a gantry crane is overloading. Putting on a higher weight than the crane is rated to handle can damage the gantry crane and create a hazardous condition. Continued operation of a damaged crane increases the risk.

Another abuse of the gantry crane is to use two or more cranes to hoist a load with a capacity higher than one or both of the machines. Allowing a load to swing is another hazard that can cause injury or damage to the gantry crane. It's important to know the tolerances for each part of the gantry crane and not exceed them. A gantry accessory may not be rated as highly; respect the limits of your equipment and your rate of unnecessary mishaps will drop.



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