What Your New Hires Need To Know About Portable Cranes

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What are some safety concerns with portable cranes on wheels?

What Your New Hires Need To Know About Portable Cranes

Portable gantry cranes are often used in maintenance or installation applications, where an overhead crane system may be impractical. Fixed height cranes are just as useful as adjustable height portable gantry cranes, but there's an additional safety issue with adjustable models.

An employee should never stand below the top beam while adjusting the height, even while wearing a safety helmet. The risk for injury is too great. Is your portable gantry crane on operation with casters? Do your new employees understand the limitations of your portable gantry crane equipment with regards to unintended rolling, shifting or movement of a crane equipped with casters?

Important topics to bring up when training new hires in operations that require a portable gantry crane.



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