Trailer-Mounted Hoppers

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What are trailer-mounted hoppers?

Trailer-Mounted Hoppers

Some types of hoppers are designed to be used on trailers--these hoppers have quite a lot of versatility. They can be used as stationary hoppers when taken off the trailer, and many units come with a winch for mobile uses that require partial dumping at different sites.

An important thing for operators to know -- when dumping with these hoppers, they should be attached to the truck for maximum stability. The hoppers come with fork pockets for forklift use, and with a removable hitch. Removing the hitch makes these hoppers a self-dumping hopper fork truck attachment.

Fork truck operators may need to engage a spotter before dumping operations depending on the visibility required. These models come in 2,000 and 3,000 pound capacity ratings. As always, do not exceed half the rated capacity of the fork truck used to make the dump, otherwise a tipping hazard is likely.



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