Some Hidden Hopper Hazards

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Are there any hidden hazards related to using hoppers to dump material?

Some Hidden Hopper Hazards

Using a hopper can hold a few unsuspecting hazards depending on the materials stored and dumped by the hopper. If you are dealing with materials that leave residue such as sawdust, wood chips, broken glass or other inhalables, it's best to use a respirator or face mask to prevent foreign objects from entering the nasal passages and airway.

If there is a 'splash potential' from semi liquid material, melting ice or snow (in the case of outdoor operations), you'll want to take such factors into consideration when dumping. If there is any kind of potential for caustic, corrosive or other irritants left as residue, you'll not only need to beware of the backsplash from such during dumping, but also know how to properly decontaminate the hopper after the dumping operation.



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