Box Dumpers and Industrial Hoppers--a Good Combination

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What should I know about hydraulic box dumpers with regard to my industrial hoppers?

Box Dumpers and Industrial Hoppers--a Good Combination

If you have purchased industrial hoppers, chances are you are also considering the purchase of a hydraulic box dumper as well. The expense of one of these units is well worth the time savings, and reduced physical strain, on workers who may have to find alternative dumping methods without one of these units.

The hydraulic box dumper is designed for a pallet truck to deliver the industrial hopper into place. Once the industrial hopper is in place the box dumper is a one-person operation. These dumpers are built with a variety of dump heights, so it can accommodate a wide range of industrial hoppers.

These machines come in a variety of capacities including a model that is rated for 6,000 pounds. If you anticipate any volume close to the higher end of the capacity of a box dumper, it's wise to buy a dumper rated at the next highest capacity.



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