The "Low Profile" truck

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Is there a pallet truck designed to lift a pallet from any side?

The "Low Profile" truck

There will be times when you need a solution that allows you to move the pallet from its location in a tight corner, crowded cargo area or other tricky situation. A low profile pallet truck can enter a pallet from any one of the four sides and travels at 1-7/8 of an inch off the ground. If you need a 'low rider' pallet truck, this is the model for you. This pallet truck is advertised with 'lifetime" lubricated bearings and heavy duty thrust bearings.

If you need the versatility, the low profile pallet truck is definitely a good purchase. They are rated at 4,000 pounds and come with spacing between forks starting at 6 inches and going up to 19 inches.



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