Docks And Heating Costs

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How can I keep heat from leaking out of my dock area in the winter?

Docks And Heating Costs

Is money blowing out the doors of your dock? Your dock doors probably have gaps of two inches or more even with a trailer pulled right up to the opening. If you operate in cold weather conditions this can increase your heating costs by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but fortunately there are ways to cut down on the loss of warm air in your dock area.

One area to pay special attention to is the space between dock levelers and the loading dock pit wall. It is not enough to install seals around the sides of your dock opening, double check the dock leveler, too!

Vinyl and brush seals can be installed around your dock openings to help seal off those open spaces between the wall and the trailer. Sometimes you can't install a thick enough dock seal with a brush or vinyl version. Did you know inflatable dock seals are also available? These seals project away from the building and can be a very practical alternative to the "fixed" brush or vinyl dock seals. Best of all, many inflatable seals offer a "constant pressure" feature which allows them to remain functional even with a tear or rip. No matter which solution is right for you, keeping your energy bills low with a sealed dock area will help you stay within your heating budget.



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