Collision Prevention In Dock Operations

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How can I prevent collisions in my dock area between motor vehicles and walls/fixtures?

Collision Prevention In Dock Operations

When driving in docks and warehouses, it is often difficult for forklift operators, golf cart drivers, and other vehicle operator's to judge the proximity of walls, rails, and dock openings. Most docks have yellow paint, tape, and other indicators, but the simple act of using a reflective tape can often provide an early warning to a distracted or fatigued operator. In addition to reflective tape, you can also install strategically placed LED displays, low-intensity flashers, and pylons, but the most effective collision avoidance system for motor vehicles and the walls and fixtures of your dock area are physical barriers. Plastic or rubberized barriers placed within a foot or two of potential collision areas may limit some vehicle range or movement, but if you can afford losing two or three feet in your dock area near potential collision hazards, the barrier is an excellent choice. A more space-saving solution may be to "tape off" a potential collision area in the same way that police will tape a crime scene to prevent bystanders from wandering into the area. A tape barrier won't prevent a collision, but can serve as adequate early warning of an impending mishap.



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