Aluminum Dock Ramps

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How can I save time with portable ramps?

Aluminum Dock Ramps

Many docks use aluminum ramps to facilitate loading and unloading in some areas, and much time can be saved with the purchase of aluminum ramp carts that allow a single person to move the heavy ramps into position. A ramp cart frees up other dock workers to prepare for the load-in or load-out. Best of all, these ramps have adjustable wheels so the ramp can service taller or shorter trailers. It's important to secure these ramps to the truck with the chains provided, and disengage the wheels once the ramp is in place. In the event of trailer creep, the chains will keep the ramp with the truck, and the wheels will not become damaged in the process. There is a minimum ramp height with this option for many models that include ramp carts. Be sure your equipment needs are met by taking the minimum ramp height (one model's minimum is 14") into consideration before purchasing. It's also important to double check the ramp's weight rating to insure it matches the needs of your operation. In situations where a dock isn't free or using one would be impractical, the aluminum ramp and cart configuration is a major help.



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