Dock Equipment Traffic Control

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How can a traffic light system increase safety in the dock area?

Dock Equipment Traffic Control

Sometimes your dock is just too busy to be safely controlled with common sense and a watchful eye. A dock traffic light system can be used in two ways. The first is used as a system to alert a truck driver when it is safe to approach the dock or drive away. In this application, you'll need to alert the driver through radio communication, signage, or other means in order to get them to pay heed to the signal lights.

Another application is to control traffic in and out of difficult areas. Forklifts and golf carts required to make blind turns or enter narrow passageways can use this system to alert oncoming traffic that a vehicle is coming to or from the sensitive area. Many traffic light packages come with signage that increases the safety awareness in these areas, but it's vital that all dock workers are trained and informed as to proper procedure when this equipment is installed. Complete training insures compliance, and helps your team get used to the new equipment.



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