Drum Handling And Weight

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How Much Drum Handling Power Is Right For Me?

Drum Handling And Weight

In drum handling operations where weight is a critical issue, there is no better tool than a drum transporter with a built-in scale. Unfortunately, if you need heavy lifting capacity over 1000 pounds or a powered lift, the price tag can increase up to over two hundred percent on an original cost well under a thousand dollars. The good news; you may be able to get a free test with a few different models and options to learn what works best in your operation. When purchasing drum handling equipment, look for a vendor that offers a 30-day free trial. If you find that a non-powered lift works just as well, or if you discover you really don't need that 1500 pound lifting capacity, you will have saved yourself hundreds of dollars simply by taking advantage of the free trial period. The hassle of returning the gear is outweighed by buying the model that's a better fit for your operation, and possibly saving money in the process.



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