Gantry Crane Safety Requirements

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What can I do to help my bilingual employees who work near gantry cranes and other hazardous areas?

Gantry Crane Safety Requirements

The area around gantry cranes are considered a hazardous work area by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, better known as NIOSH. There are many cases investigated by NIOSH where extreme injury and death have been the result of poor safety training. NOISH recommends those working in such hazardous areas be given to employees, but a growing issue in such work areas is access to bilingual training. It's often not enough to show gantry crane safety videos in a mass training briefing, or post warning signs in English only. Businesses facing this issue can outsource their bilingual needs to specialized companies. These experts provide a wide range of services including bilingual safety instructions, hazard assessments, and ergonomics programs. Such expert assistance not only helps reduce a company's liability, it is also a demonstration of genuine concern for employee safety. Such concern won't go unnoticed on the shop floor.



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