Wheel Chock Use

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How can I best utilize wheel chocks?

Wheel Chock Use

To properly use wheel chocks, it's important to remember a few basic guidelines:

  1. Always use chocks in pairs, especially if you are unsure of the slope of a roadway, parking area, or other terrain. It's often a good idea to purchase chocks that are connected one to another.
  2. Always place the chocks snugly against the tires, and beware wet surfaces that can allow chocks to slip under the wrong conditions.
  3. If you are parked on an oily surface, move the vehicle to a safer spot, if possible.
  4. Never drive over chocks, or try to apply chocks if the parking brake has not been applied.
  5. Remember that improper use of chocks can void warranties, insurance, and compliance to safety regulations.



12/6/2007 5:07:54 AM
Tim said:

If the wheel choke is firmly against the trailer tire and with the movement of a forklift in and out of a trailer the choke could be pinned under the tire making it nearly impossible to remove when you are ready to move the trailer


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