Hydraulic Box Dumper Safety

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I overloaded my hydraulic box dumper and now it won't lift. Help!

Hydraulic Box Dumper Safety

Some hydraulic box dumpers have a safety feature that will prevent the unit from being used if the weight capacity is exceeded. Unfortunately, some owner manuals don't describe what to do if this happens! If your unit is frozen because of exceeded capacity you should:

1. Completely remove the load from the hydraulic box dumper.

2. Try to operate the box dumper with no load at all.

3. If this does not work, power down the unit, let it sit for five minutes, power up and try again with an empty load.

If you still can't operate the box dumper, you may need to check your schematic to see if there is an "engage" switch that needs to be reset, or a fuse which needs to be replaced. If consulting the schematic in the owner manual doesn't help, call the customer service number listed in the manual. Your unit may have been damaged due to the excess load, or you may need to be talked through a reset procedure.



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