Customizing A Box Dumper

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What options do I have for modifying my box dumper?

Customizing A Box Dumper

Hydraulic box dumpers can have equipment installed for specific material handling operations. One such modification many are familiar with is the hood or seal, which is good for flaky material, grain, or anything that could be discharged into the air when being moved. An important addition to these seals is an internal agitator which can keep material from accumulating within the dumper box. You can also purchase "de-lumping" tools that can be installed to deal with items likely to clump during the transfer process. Other modifications available include the material diverter, which guides material into the receptacle and prevents spilling. If you need a box dumper for specific material, be sure to check the optional equipment; much of it is designed to prevent you from wasting manpower cleaning up spilled material, or items trapped within the dumper.



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