Using Bollards

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How do I use a bollard?

Using Bollards Tip: These short vertical posts are common on ocean docks, but are also used ashore to control or direct pedestrian or vehicle traffic (in the early 19th century, people in Amsterdam used them to protect the sidewalks in front of their houses). Short, rigid bollards can be lined up to close a road or define a path, enclose car-free zones, and allow access for service vehicles. Taller, flourescent-colored bollards are often used on highways or city streets where traffic cones would be too easily removed.

Industrial bollards are made of steel or concrete, and their subcategories include machine guards, structural rack guards and slim column protectors that can also be used on pipes and tubing. Steel-pipe bollards keep equipment from damaging moving vehicles, or the reverse (as when dumpsters are surrounded by bollards to keep them from being dented or knocked over by cars) and when fitted with protective dome covers, they can keep workers from tripping on raised bolts.



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