Security Bollards for Door Safety

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How does a security bollard make a doorway safe?

Security Bollards for Door Safety

Since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has been more focused on keeping buildings safe. Use security bollards to better protect people in the doorways of buildings. A bollard is a short vertical post used to herd pedestrian and vehicle traffic, mark parking and protect buildings.

By placing a bollard in front of a door, you put an obstacle in the way. This means a person in that doorway is more safe from the threat of a moving vehicle. A bollard in front of a doorway can also protect the vulnerable windows around that doorway from a side angle attack from a moving vehicle. Safety bollards offer 24-hour protection.

According to Creative Building Products, bollard manufacturers in Indiana, you should never use just one bollard -- use at least two bollards for minimum security.



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