Why Use Bollard Covers

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What is a bollard cover?

Why Use Bollard Covers

Bollards may be practical, but they aren't always pretty. That's why bollard covers were created. Dress up a bollard by placing a bollard cover over it and your practical solution for pedestrian and car traffic, public safety and parking now becomes a decorative piece as well.

Bollard covers are hollow objects made of a variety of materials such as concrete or plastic that are placed over the short vertical posts that are bollards. Here are some benefits of bollard covers:

  • Decorative bollards enhance property appearance
  • An easy way to spruce up old battered bollards without having to replace them
  • If you choose a reflective material, it will have high visibility day and night
  • Choose the color that coincides with your building or area -- from blue to orange to black
  • It can be cheaper than painting your bollards
  • They can be ultraviolet resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures



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