About Rite Hite Dock Levelers

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What kind of dock levelers does Rite Hite have?

About Rite Hite Dock Levelers

Rite Hite prides itself on its dock levelers, claiming they are durable, reliable, easy to service, built to handle the most demanding dock operations and offer low lifetime ownership costs. Here is what Rite Hite has to offer in the way of dock levelers:

  • Hydraulic dock levelers such as the Rite Hite Hydraulic dock leveler (RHH), Rite Hite Vertical Storing dock leveler (RHV) and the H-J 3200 Jumbo dock leveler.
  • RHA Air-powered dock leveler.
  • Rite Hite Mechanical dock leveler (RHM).
  • Specialty dock levelers such as the Hydraulic Railcar Ramp and the truck activated Fully Automatic Mechanical Leveler.
Rite Hite also boasts Smooth Transition Levelers, designed to provide a smooth path between your loading dock floor and the trailer by cutting down on the bumps and gaps typical on traditional levelers. This feature is standard on the company's Rite Hite Hydraulic (RHH), air-powered (RHA), mechanical (RHM) and vertical storing hydraulic (RHV) levelers.



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