About Drum Dumpers

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What should I consider when choosing a drum dumper?

About Drum Dumpers

A drum dumper picks up heavy 30 to 55 gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums with the intent of dumping the contents inside. Using a drum dumper reduces the risk of injury to workers because it is physically straining to empty a drum manually. It is also time consuming to do it manually and there is plenty of opportunity to spill the contents as the materials shift in a tilted drum. Using a machine to lift a drum to a certain height and dump with precision decreases the chance that potentially hazardous chemicals inside will spill out and cause health concerns to workers and damage to surroundings. And it improves a company's efficiency because drum dumpers can lift and empty drums at a fast pace.

When trying to figure out which drum dumper is right for you, you need to consider:

  • How much weight your drum dumper can lift
  • At what angle your drum dumper can tilt your drum
  • How high your drum dumper will lift your drum



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