Go Hydraulic and Portable With Your Drum Dumper

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Why use a hydraulic portable drum dumper?

Go Hydraulic and Portable With Your Drum Dumper

If you are a company that deals with heavy drums full of materials on a daily basis, you'll want a hydraulic drum dumper to increase your efficiency and cut down on worker injuries. A hydraulic drum dumper is easily controlled by a button and can dump 55 and 30 gallon drums weighing up to 6,000 pounds in less than 60 seconds. Get a portable drum dumper while you're at it and you'll be able to move drums on or off pallets, floor scales and conveyors. This is an excellent way for workers to be efficient at moving heavy drums, all without the back injuries and pinched fingers that can occur when trying to lift and lower drums without a fork lift. Hydraulic drum dumpers ensure drums remain vertical without tipping so you don't have to worry about spilling your contents.

Portable and hydraulic dumpers are available with different dump heights and dump angles. The best angle for dumping is 60 degrees, which will empty a drum of any type of material. Get a portable drum dumper with a built in scale and you can skip the bulky floor scale when weighing your drums. These machines are capable of handling drums that are nestled tightly together. And they can roll through tight aisles with ease. They have locks that keep them still when you do not want them to move.



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