Caring for and Using Hydraulic Drum Dumpers

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How should I care for my hydraulic drum dumper?

Caring for and Using Hydraulic Drum Dumpers

If you plan on buying a hydraulic drum dumper, here are some guidelines to follow, courtesy of

  • Read and understand the owner's manual before using the machine
  • The load must be removed from the chute and the chute fully lowered before any work is performed on the lift
  • Make sure all safety labels are in place and legible
  • The dumper's frame must be securely anchored to the floor
  • Do not use the dumper if you see any damage or hear an unusual noise. Before each use, inspect for frayed wires, oil leaks, pinched or chafed hoses and proper functioning of all limit switches
  • Always watch the chute and barrel carefully when the dumper is being used
  • Do not perform any modifications to the dumper without the manufacturer's approval or your warranty may be compromised
  • Maintenance and repairs are to be done only by those authorized to do the work
  • The oil should be changed if it darkens, becomes gritty, or turns a milky color (which means there is water in it). Do not use break fluid or jack oils in the hydraulic dumpers. If oil is needed, use an anti-wear hydraulic oil or Dexron transmission fluid
  • Only use replacement parts supplied or approved by the manufacturer



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