Reducing Box Dumper Noise

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How can I cut down on box dumper noise?

Reducing Box Dumper Noise

If you're worried about the noise in your factory or warehouse when you're using material handling equipment such as box dumpers, here are some ideas for reducing it, courtesy of Products Finishing Magazine.

  • Apply sound absorbing material to the outside of tote box dumper hoppers, load chutes and other flat metal components. This reduces the airborne structural vibrations that transmit the noise.
  • Enclose the entire loading and unloading area with a custom-designed fabricated structure built to specific wall thickness dimensions, making sure there are no air gaps. For automated systems, these structures can be automatic sliding doors for barrel shuttle and fork lift entry and exit.
  • Dampen noise of steel barrels by loading and unloading them while they are submerged in solution.



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