Wheel Chocks Come in Many Varieties

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What types of wheel chocks are on the market?

Wheel Chocks Come in Many Varieties

Wheel chocks ensure trucks remain secure in dock areas and help prevent load shifts during loading and unloading. There are many different kinds of wheel chocks. Here is a sampling of them, courtesy of beacontechnology.com:

  • Trailer wheel chock: ideal for helping ensure that trucks remain secure in dock areas. Features a safety tread on the chock face, providing excellent grip
  • Removable wheel chock: helps secure trucks in dock locations.These chocks weigh between 10 and 26 pounds. They feature a textured treadplate for optimum traction and an open-face radius that enables the chock to be used with tires of any size. They have a saw-tooth bottom to aid in traction and they are effective on concrete as well as in sand or mud.
  • Aluminum wheel chock: vital in securing trucks in dock areas. They are lightweight and help prevent wheel load shifts while the truck is being loaded and unloaded
  • Rail car chocks: include a double-sided flange to help keep the rail chock on the track. Rail car chocks will fit most standard-sized rails. Four steel spurs, which are on the bottom of the rail chock, maximize a positive grip
  • Rubber wheel chock: can be used with truck restraints as an additional safety measure. Provides sure grip on virtually any surface



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