Types of Industrial Lift Tables

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What are some different types of industrial lift tables?

Types of Industrial Lift Tables

There are many different kinds of industrial lift tables. Here is a sampling of lift and tilt tables, courtesy of beacontechnology.com:

  • Bench top tilters: made of heavy duty steel and attach to most work benches, table tops and mobile lift tables of sufficient surface size and load capacity.
  • Ground tilters: excellent for tilting applications that require a pallet truck for loading and unloading. The ground tilter units are electro-hydraulic. To increase worker safety, pinch points are provided on the ground tilter's four sides.
  • Corner tilters: enable ergonomically correct loading and unloading of bulk crates, boxes and containers. The corner tilters tilt up to 45 degrees and are activated by a foot pedal or a hand-operated control lever. The unit's factory-preset, adjustable regulator starts rotating the container when the weight reaches about 900 pounds. The pressure of the air corner tilters can be adjusted to the weight of each application.
  • Portable tilt table: this movable tilt table decreases the risk of injury by reducing potential harm to workers. It can be moved with a fork truck.
  • Hydraulic upender tilter: upends and tilts work materials to an ergonomically correct position for the worker. The hydraulic upender features limit switches and mechanical stops in both directions.
  • Electric lift tables: enables easier loading of crates, pallets, baskets or boxes by electrically tilting them 45 or 90 degrees.



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