Why Yard Ramps Have Steel Grating

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Why do yard ramps have steel grating?

Why Yard Ramps Have Steel Grating

When loading and unloading materials on a yard ramp, you must be sure that your footing is secure. And when the loading is done outside, you must be sure that elements such as rain and snow don't pile up on your yard ramp to cause a slipping hazard as well. There is a simple solution to these problems -- steel grating. You may not realize it, but steel grating is everywhere. It is used for airfields, highways, industrial floors, in subways and tunnels and on docks and driveways as well as on ramps.

The steel grating on yard ramps serve two main purposes:

  • It is serrated for good traction
  • It prevents build up of water, snow, oil, grease and miscellaneous debris



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