Dock Bumpers and Structural Damage

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What are the benefits of dock bumpers?

Dock Bumpers and Structural Damage Tip: When a truck is backing up to the loading door for onload or offload, sometimes the driver can misjudge the distance between the back of the truck and the dock, resulting in an impact on the building structure itself. Without properly installed dock bumpers, a "shock load" from a loading truck has the potential to damage your building wall, rendering it inoperable; whether the damage happens gradually over time or as the result of a single big impact.

Companies that have loading dock bumpers installed in the at-risk areas have a reduced potential for damage to the building walls structure. Dock bumpers absorb the impact of the accidental collision, whether by an operator whose foot accidentally slipped off the brake or operator error in judging the distance to the building wall. While dock bumpers are no substitute for a spotter, the potential for human error in spotting warrants the extra protection a good set of dock bumpers can bring.



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