Drum Dumper Specs

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What steps are often overlooked when considering models in a drum handling equipment purchase?

Drum Dumper Specs

BeaconTechnology.com Tip: If you work in an environment with varying clearances or ceiling height, you'll need to choose your drum handling equipment carefully.

The varieties of maximum extension for drum dumpers, for example, may be a factor. Your average storage height may not exceed the drum dumper's specs, but if you have other storage that does, you'll either have to rearrange your storage scheme or find another piece of equipment.

Drum handling equipment purchases involve a lot of detail--how much weight you routinely need to handle, sizes, heights and even the maximum height of rotation for each model of drum dumpers. Checking clearances with your equipment specs may seem like an elementary step, but it's one that can get overlooked in the confusion of the initial research-so many models and prices, so little time!



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