Thinking of New Drum Storage?

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I'm thinking of a new drum storage solution. What are some important questions to ask myself before the buy?

Thinking of New Drum Storage?

When looking for drum storage, it's important to consider a few different factors in the equation.

  • Is your storage long-term or do you find that frequent rotations in and out of drum storage areas is a way of life in your work space?
  • How much volume do you have?
  • Is your current drum handling equipment up to the task of dealing with drums in a different configuration, or would the design of your proposed new drum storage create problems with your existing equipment?

If you haven't taken a poll among those who work in drum storage situations on a daily basis, it may be wise to learn what the 'on-site' wisdom is with regard to a new drum storage solution. The input of your trusted workers may surprise you.



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