Financing Gantry Cranes and Other Equipment

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Can I get financing direct from the material handling equipment company?

Financing Gantry Cranes and Other Equipment

Your gantry crane purchases, along with other equipment, can be financed by the company selling the merchandise if you and your company meet certain conditions.

If you are the company owner and have good personal credit, plus trade references from other vendors you do business with, your gantry crane purchase can be financed for amounts up to $75,000 in some cases. You can also obtain approval within 48 hours with a simple one-page application.

In many cases you'll need to submit detailed information for loan amounts from the company in excess of $75,000. This includes financial statements and tax returns from the last two years. It is best to prepare such a package before submitting your order and requesting a line of credit. Doing so will make your purchase and credit approvals go much more quickly.

Gantry cranes, drum handling equipment and other purchases can all become part of an ongoing purchasing relationship if your credit is sufficient and you have the required paperwork!



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