Floor Mounted Jibs

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Will I need a pad to install a floor mounted jib?

Floor Mounted Jibs

Floor mounted jib cranes or mini gantry cranes can be a huge help in the work area. They can be used for palletizing materials as well as transporting material from one workstation to another. It's important to remember that you may need a concrete pad for the installation of a floor mounted jib.

If you don't currently have the space available to install the pad, you may wish to examine your current building plan to see where you can rotate storage and work activity to make room for the installation process. It's very important to contact the factory for installation instructions with regard to the concrete pad. You should also follow factory recommendations word for word, as an error or miscalculation can result in your jib crane improperly handling the weight of the loads.

Sometimes, mishap prevention is most effective at installation time--be sure your workers know the exact specs the factory requires for the installation and use of the jib crane.



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