Safety Guard Rail Kits and OSHA

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Are all safety guard rails created equal in the eyes of OSHA?

Safety Guard Rail Kits and OSHA

Searching for Safety guard rail? Make sure you find safety guard rail products that are labeled as meeting OSHA standards and you can sleep better at night knowing in advance that they will pass muster.

There are safety guard rail models with and without toeboards for applications calling for each type according to regulation. Double check your OSHA standards to make sure you are in the know regarding which model you need for which application. Some protective safety guard rail conditions require the toeboard, and some require the absence of one.

In addition to preventing accidents, safety guard rail kits, with concrete-mountable accessories, make excellent walkways for areas where you need to control or limit foot traffic to avoid hazardous situations. If you give guided tours of your facility or work area, these walkways are perfect for controlling outsider access to critical areas. Keep "civilians" out of harm's way by giving them no other choice but to follow your safety guard rail pathways.



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