Self-Dumping Hoppers

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Self-dumping hoppers and forklifts--what should I know?

Self-Dumping Hoppers

There are many different kinds of self-dumping hoppers to choose from, and two of the major differences lie with how the hoppers dump. One model features a cable the forklift operator carries in the driver's seat, which the driver uses to release the load at the right moment. The other model has a bumper which dumps the load once the bumper makes contact.

These hoppers are just two of many different types. You can choose low-profile hoppers which look like oversize wheel barrows--these are designed to be used as a catch basin for parts, or placed beneath chutes .

Which ever model you choose, the total weight of the loaded hopper should not be more than half the rated capacity of a forklift transporting the hoppers. The reason? Your forklift operator needs a safe "load center of gravity" when dumping the hopper. If the load exceeds 50% of forklift capacity you may encounter a tipping hazard.



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