The Low Profile Hopper

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What is the low profile hopper?

The Low Profile Hopper

One kind of self-dumping hopper you may wish to invest in is the 90 degree 'low profile' hopper. This is by far one of the easiest models to use for waste disposal.

The self-dump mechanism is activated by a cable carried with the forklift operator, and the self dumping hopper is secured to the forklift with a chain.

Using these types of hoppers for waste disposal means some added factors--odors, pests and other problems. These can be alleviated by purchasing the optional hopper covers available for the model you are buying. These covers will help prevent pests from being attracted to waste left for overnight storage, they are lightweight, and they come with a lock to prevent unauthorized 'after-hours' additions. These lids are also good for outdoor hoppers as they keep snow and rain out of the hopper.



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