The Trusty Bollard

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How can I use bollards to protect people as well as the structure?

The Trusty Bollard

Bollards are used to protect everything from door frames to corner offices. These are mounted in the floor or concrete outside the warehouse to provide a bumper type function against vehicles, dollies, fork trucks and other traffic that could collide with the structure or area the bollard protects.

The bollard will not prevent an accident, but the use of a bollard can help contain the accident or prevent an impact to the structure or equipment itself. If you wish to block foot traffic from areas with a great deal of motorized activity, installing a series of bollards in tandem with a barrier or safety sign can be a good move. You can protect those on foot, while providing a barrier from runaway equipment that keeps it from getting into a "populated" area of your factory, warehouse or dock.



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