Portable Gantry Crane Options

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What kind of motorized options do I have with a new gantry crane?

Portable Gantry Crane Options

If you use a portable gantry crane, you can purchase an optional power drive for some models that let you move the portable crane over a fixed route. These motorized drives use a variety of transport mechanisms, including rail systems and/or wheel transport. If you are purchasing a new portable gantry crane and want to consider the motor drive option, it's best to ask the vendor what motor options come with a particular model of crane.

Some cranes have a limited range of options; fixed height steel gantry cranes may be limited to an "inverted angle" track, depending on the make and model. Other types of cranes may depend on polyurethane wheels. It's best to plan ahead when considering your motor options. Purchasing the crane and optional equipment at the same time eliminates compatibility problems you could encounter later when trying to "mix and match" equipment and optional gear.



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