Jack Stand Safety

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What are the safety issues with jack stands?

Jack Stand Safety

When jack stands are used, there are two basic safety issues. The first is paying attention the load rating of the jack stand. Like any other device built to handle weight and bulk, it's vital to respect the load rating of your equipment. Load ratings are an obvious safety factor, but a lesser-known safety issue involves securing the jack stands. Never use wire or rope to connect two jack stands. Always use a safety chain instead.

Rope can fray and become brittle, wire simply won't stand up to the job if the weight or pressure becomes too much. Some are tempted to use jack stands even if signs of wear (cracks are a serious warning sign) are evident. Do not use a jack stand that is in poor condition, and never use a makeshift replacement for a jack stand until you can get around to replacing it. It's far safer to delay a load or unload until you can get the right equipment for the job. It also avoids serious liability issues.



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