Hopper Castors

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What should I consider when buying hopper castors?

Hopper Castors

Castors (sometimes spelled "casters") are wheel attachments often sold as optional equipment for hoppers. Some companies offer castors in a separate area, leaving the buyer to determine which ones are right for the job. While this isn't always the most efficient way to offer accessories, you may have to buy your castors in such a way. If so, remember the following:

1. You will need to calculate the total load of the hopper including the trolley frame and compare it with the load rating of the castors.

2. The diameter of the wheels is very important. If you choose large wheels, the hopper will be easier to move, but the clearance factor is affected by the size of the wheels.

3. Castors are designed in several ways. If you need heavy-duty castors, be sure to ask your vendor which configuration (such as a "four bolt hole top plate fitting") might be right for your needs.

Remember, not all castors and assemblies are made equal! A light-duty hopper requires less than a heavy-duty one, and depending on the frequency of movement of your hopper, you may need to consider the construction of your wheels for maximum life and ease of use.



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