Why Use Dock Lights

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Why use dock lights?

Why Use Dock Lights

Wherever there is vehicle or pedestrian traffic on a dock, dock lights should be placed. It is dangerous for a truck to back into a dark loading dock. If darkness throws off a driver's depth perception, a truck could overrun a dock, hitting your building, nearby dock equipment or even worse -- a worker. This is why the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires that loading docks be lighted.

Companies such as Rite Hite and Bondor Manufacturing have guided dock lights that are installed directly below loading dock bumpers, lights with accompanying reflectors to illuminate the area even further, combination dock lights/fan systems and traffic dock lights in which truck drivers, at a glance, can know whether to back up (if it's green) or stop (if it's red). Many of these solutions are compatible with any type of loading dock.



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