Drum Handling Equipment and Accessories

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What are some other drum handling equipment on the market?

Drum Handling Equipment and Accessories

There are plenty of accessories and other drum handling equipment you can buy to ensure the job of lifting, moving, racking, stacking, weighing and pouring your drums is done right. Here are just some of those accessories, courtesy of beacontechnology.com:

  • Portable drum jacks: grasps the drum securely to prevent spilling during movement
  • Drum lifter/transporter/rotator: a multi-functional unit that lifts a drum and rotates while it dumps
  • Drum stacker: a machine that picks up your drums and positions them on shelves
  • Drum caddies: transport drums to desired location
  • Manual drum upender: for the controlled inverting of materials by rotating them. It clamps onto the drum from the top and bottom instead of from the sides and rotates it 180 degrees
  • Chain drum lifter: secures onto top drum lip to lift
  • Drum clutchers: allows you to easily lift and move steel drums with an overhead lifting chain or hoist
  • Drum slings: lift drums in the horizontal position quickly and easily
  • Drum dollies: transports drums easily
  • Drum cradles: pour fluids from a drum into a smaller container and avoid a mess by nestling the drum in one of these



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